Here’s the location map of where FEDEX is in Penang Bayan Lepas area. Or you can get the below map from wikimapia as well.

Tol FREE: 1800 88 6363


      From my past experience, FEDEX is pretty nice. They can let you take the boxes home and packed then send to them. And mostly food are allowed, just that with food at custom it might take longer time to clear. I had past experience in shipping stuffs to US using FEDEX. Mostly I’m using their 25kg express box. Current price (as of today) it’s ~USD152 per 25kg box. I scouted around before and this is the best price I can get with shipping basically almost everything, though sometimes the custom might open up your box and clear some of the stuffs due to the local rules. It’ll take around 1 day for it to reach after you send it. You’ll need to filled up airway bill and also an detail list of items inside the boxes for the custom clearance.

Might be recently cost cutting, as some of the people actaully take their nice boxes and didn’t actaully ship anything, so now FEDEX only allow us to take it 2-3 days before we packed. I remembered last time for DHL they don’t allow you to take the box back home pack and send to them after you take your time packed the boxes, you need to call them to drop the box at your place and packed in front of them so they know what you are shipping.


26th March

As of today, looks like it’s a bit troublesome already. I faced problem when I went to take 25kg boxes. They only allow you to take 1. Since I have 6 to ship, they asked me to call the tol free. Tol free says need to setup an account, if no account once they send the boxes then you need to pack and ship it, else can just bring your stuff to fedex office and ship. 😐 hmm a bit troublesome for me as mine is all small small things to be shipped, not products 😐 I don’t expect to bring my cloths, hard drives, cables etc and packed everything in front of them. If asked them to come and straight packed, there’s still airway bills and commercial invoice (details items to be shipped)  needed to fill up, and needed time. It’s not really too efficient, as they need to wait there while I filled up everything. I would say if like this it’s going to take half a day… hmm….

So, I setup an account through online form. The next day they send me another form, to fill up my credit information. Then only I get the account the next day 😐 (so in total 2 working days) OK, all set, I called the tol free again and this time “officially” file for supplies order. They say they need to send to my address, if I’m not at home then they’ll leave a sorry note, and I need to call the tol free again to reschedule the delivery. I asked for note/comment there so that they’ll call me up roughly what time they’re coming, but answer is sorry, we don’t do that 😐 ….. OK, so I requested to pick up the boxes from the fedex office myself, since I’ll be working. When I went to the fedex office and informed them I called the tol free and coming to pick up, she say “No, if you ship today then only I can give you the box” … :S Huh…bla bla bla bla…a lot of excuses then she suddenly say except if you have fedex account. “Yes I have”. “Oh, then how many boxes you want?”…. 😐 I’m amazed, once I say yes I have the account then all changed suddenly, even didn’t ask me to sign or write down my account number?! Really amazed me … All the while so strict then suddenly yes I have account, straight, OK how many….